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LED Track Lamp

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Lead Time : Days

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Departure Port : Guangzhou,Shenzhen

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  • Warranty(Year):1 Year

Product Specifications

Product Description

The out box is made of aluminum alloy material,lamp equipped with high efficiency radiating fin,has a good heat dissipation effect,low temperature rise,can ensure that the light source is stable.The LED lamp has pure color,does not contain red,ultraviolet light,no radiation,with a small decline,long service life,can be up to 60000 hours.Good color rendering,use of optical-grade efficient lens,light through rate is high,high light efficiency,through the lens refracts light issued uniform.No spot,no flicker,wide emission spectrum,a wide range of color temperature,wide application range.Can according to the customer's requirements on product flexible formulation.High luminous efficiency.luminous flux is usually up to 90-110lm/W.It's  the real energy saving,high efficient lighting products.

Applicable areas:Landscape lighting,Stage cast light,Shopping malls,Hotels,Guest houses,Halls,Clubs,Display lighting cabinets,etc.

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